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Over the years we have been fortunate to work with multiple organizations as preferred vendor partners for their hiring needs. We began with a well-defined objective of bridging the demand-supply gap in the recruitment industry by procuring the right people for our clients. Since then, we have been providing Recruitment solutions across industry verticals to the IT and Non IT companies.

Our client base comprises the biggest Multinationals, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Companies. Our expertise in evaluation and screening of manpower makes us one of the leading recruitment company in India. We at PSS GLOBAL assure you that we will provide you the right people at the right time, anytime and all the time!

Our Vision

To be the most reliable recruiter of first recall for large, medium and small businesses in India and globally Be an Equal Opportunities Recruiter

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make an organization excel in its line of Business by constantly winning new clients, achieving opera-tional efficiency along with continuous impro-vement.

Our Team

PSS GLOBAL has over 100 resources which are continuously working for various customers hiring success, our team comprises of recruitment specialists who have been groomed to ensure, they understand our customer needs and are able fulfill the critical hiring demands in the shortest possible time. Our core strength comes from deep market knowledge and understanding upcoming technologies.


Providing quality resources to a company is a big challenge for any recruitment agency. We are very much focused and dogged in giving the companies ample resources to select. Resource selection is based on procedures that strictly adhere to client requisites and policies. A business achieves economic success only with proven high quality services. Our staffing solutions certainly not compromise on quality.


Our commitment of work is based on complete serenity of our prestigious clients. We commit ourselves completely till the conclusion with extreme dedication and ndetermination. The time taken to select a resource after different modes of screening till the client recruits the resource is of high importance. Our commitment to meet the deadline with efficiency highly differentiates us from our competitors.